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Our signature Pho broth recipe has been a secret family recipe dating back over 100 years. Our broth is slow cooked to perfection, perfectly balanced, aromatic with lots of depth, not overly seasoned. We source premium fresh local produce and premium grade cuts for that traditional pho experience.

Rice Bowl seasonal specials

Our signature rice bowls are generously served with a side of fresh garden salad and your choice of a sunny side up egg or protein, served with fried shallots and a delicious dipping sauce.

Vegetarian rice net spring rolls

If you thought spring rolls were great, wait until you try these. They are made from super thin rice vermicelli, delicately wrapped with a vegetarian filling to create that incredible crisp crunch.

Signature Rice Paper Rolls

Vego Delight, Tofu & Apple, Roast Pork & Apple, Chicken & Avocado, Tiger Prawn. We’d call these our “ready-to-eat” bite sized vermicelli (without the bowl), but rice papers will do. We select and only use premium quality vermicelli, rice papers and wrap them up with your favourite proteins and fresh veg, with our signature dipping sauce.

Vermicelli Noodle salad

Our signature vermicelli noodle salad bowls are the perfect light meal for when you feel like something tasty but not too heavy. Each bowl is generously served with loads of fresh colorful vegies with your choice of protein and perfectly paired with our signature house made dipping sauce.

Steamed Buns

The reason why we selected this on our menu is because they are delicious and vegetarian (even though it tastes just like BBP Pork Buns)! Very addictive and a popular light snack or fill-me-upper.

The Our Journey

Our Journey

Great Aunty Three

My grandmother is the culinary queen in our family. Every time I go to Vietnam everybody talks about her food, about the successful restaurant she owned, they rave on about it, I still hear it!” – Michael, creator of Great Aunty Three – Vietnamese street food in Sydney’s Enmore.

Growing up in an old-fashioned Vietnamese household, great importance was placed on traditional family recipes and shared mealtimes.

On his first trip back to Can Tho in exploration of his roots, Michael came across the phenomenon of street food, the spark that ignited his entrepreneurial idea. Wanting to capture that experience and bring it to Australia, Michael reshaped his career and forfeited the stability of a 9 to 5 job in favour of starting his own business.

Armed with the knowledge and recipes from his Grandmother Ba (which in Vietnamese means ‘three’), and support from his mother, Michael began drafting a plan to open what would later become Great Aunty Three. Established 2011.

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Delight your team and guests with our fresh, delicious vietnamese cuisine

Good food brings people closer. Forget the boring sandwiches and unhealthy meat pies! Bring your team and guests together for a mouthful, joyful experience with our fresh, delicous Vietnamese cuisine.

Our experienced caterers provide catering services to Sydney metro areas. From corporate catering, breakfast catering to event catering, we offer an unique experience for your team and guests.

Our catering services in Sydney deliver home cooked meals with daily fresh ingredents to your office or events, creating a family feel that bonds people together over a delightful food experience. Place an order to get our catering in Sydney to your doorstep today.



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    Great Aunty Three has won a 2022 Experts’ Choice Award

    The award recognizes Great Aunty Three as one of the very best restaurants in Sydney. Fewer than 2% of businesses receive an award.